A network, community and friendship

The Mature Students’ Network is a community, society and a group of like-minded individuals coming together to inspire and support one another. As mature students, we share the same aspirations, dreams and hopes, regardless of the career path one may be thinking of venturing down.

By coming together, we hope to abolish the self-doubtful barriers that may be stopping anyone from re-entering education. Then, and only then, may one discover their true academic potential, which is waiting to be discovered. 

We’re here to help…

The Mature Students’ Network has a variety of ways in which it can offer advice, support and connectivity for anyone who has a desire to learn

educational pathways

Explore the many educational pathways that will enable you to achieve your future professional career.

members forum

A community-based forum, whereby current and aspiring mature students can come together.

student blogs

Hear from current and previous mature students; discover what life is like back in education!


See if there is a mature student event taking place near you, or for information regarding bookings.

Become a member; become you.

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As a student of class of 98, I left school with the minimum required five GCSEs at level C, but a year later, after choosing a selection of A-levels in the school sixth-form that didn’t hold my interest and having an undiagnosed anxiety disorder, I walked […]
Shortly after leaving school, I fulfilled a childhood dream and went onto serve nine years as a Royal Marines Commando. Upon leaving, I became a Scuba Diving Instructor, introducing people to the beauty of the underwater world. Despite this idyllic lifestyle, I had a deep-seated hunger to […]